ZILLIONe Training Matrix

Providing training to employees aiming at developing their competencies required for achieving organizational objectives is very important for any modern organization. ZILLIONe Training Matrix provides simple yet a systematic way of handling trainings related to a company. It uses ZILLIONe employee self service portal to publish training programs so that employees can apply for them based on the availability and applicability of those trainings for different individuals.

Some of the salient features of the system

  • HR can maintain training programs, institutes and trainer profiles.
  • HR can publish training calendar with number of available slots and details on employees who can apply for those trainings.
  • Employees using their self service portal can apply for those training programs based on their applicability to them.
  • Based on defined work flows those training requests will be routed to different approval levels.
  • Line managers can nominate their employees for published training programs based on identified training needs.
  • HR get an approved list of training requests and nominations so that they can proceed with actual training arrangements.
  • HR can track employee attendance for those training programs and plan for necessary knowledge sharing sessions.