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Newman provides high level and cost effective Telecommunication solutions throughout Asia & Pacific Islands. Operating at the cutting edge of technology, Newman are business to business telecommunications, broadband and IT specialists, who are able to use their expertise and knowledge to create tailor made solutions…… Our focus is helping our customers serve their customers better, by creating cohesive customer experiences across multiple self service channels and reducing the cost of that application lifecycle management. Our consolidation and optimisation platforms help our customers to manage their CapEx and OpEx costs while maximising their investments in licenses and hardware. Our enterprise digital services are designed to help our customers generate new revenue streams and stickiness with their enterprise customers.

Our products and solutions are built using open standards for seamless network integration and are highly scalable to meet operational and network growth.

We boasts a multinational team whose customer centric approach to research and development has helped create the consummate portfolio of offerings to meet evolving demands of the Telco Industry.