TAS (Time & Attendance Management)

ZILLIONe TAS – Time & Attendance Management

This solution will keep tracks on all employee related activities with regard to Time in & out, Hours worked, Absenteeism, etc… Overtime calculation, etc can be captured and analysed by the management in order to make efficient decisions in the day to day business life. TAS can be linked with other 3rd party payroll & workforce management solutions.

Some Unique Features in ZILLIONe TAS

  • Prior and post authorization of OT and leave
  • Pro rata leave allocation
  • Ability to introduce shifts, OT definitions, Company Calendar, Day types and breaks to the system by the system administrator
  • Ability to process selected departments, sections and designations.
  • The ability to Process single & multiple selected employees when correcting errors and making adjustments related to a single employee.
  • Fixing invalid attendance
  • Ability to create composite shifts
  • Supports mid night crossover’s and flexible working hours
  • Maintaining Audit trails
  • This system is Backed up by a comprehensive employee self service portal
  • Data export to Excel and Text file in order for integrations with other ERP, payroll, etc
  • Report conversion to Excel, HTML and PDF file.
  • Support for break time management.

Some of the reports available

  • Invalid Attendance Report
  • Daily Attendance report by Department/Division
  • Daily OT, Double OT, No pay, days worked, work hours reports for information and authorization
  • Attendance Summary by Pay schedule
  • Consecutive absenteeism reports
  • Late comer's reports
  • Reports on movement tracking
  • Leave distribution report
  • Leave analysis report
  • No pay & OT analysis reports
  • Seasonal analysis on absenteeism
  • Turn over analysis