Info Motor

InfoMotor is an attested registration & licensing system designed for governmental departments handling motor vehicles related documentation. It consists of several user-friendly modules administrating: client information, driving license issue, vehicle registration processes, payments, finger print & digital image capturing (InfoBioCap), workflow management system, user management, management information system reports and inquiries.

InfoMotor applications are developed using module based architecture what allows for a high level of customization for better business results.

InfoMoter Features

  • New Vehicle Registrations
  • Amendments of Vehicle Ownership
  • Amendmwnts to existing vehicle Details
  • Special Number Allocation
  • Taxes, Fees, Penalties Maintenance
  • Conduct Black Listing of Vehicles
  • Catering to Branch Office Requiements
  • Linking to External Parties
  • SMS Status Checks on Vehocle Registrations

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