Info Border

“Managing Borders, Protecting Nations”

Enabling system integration and collaborating proactively with real time operations, InfoBorder provides the total control over the complete life cycle of border control which includes Arrival, Departure and Transfer of Passengers.

Following the current global trends in border management and security, InfoBorder is focused on preventing national security threats and imminent threats from ever reaching physical borders and will act as the last line of defense. The optimized search engines of the system is capable of retrieving accurate and detailed records of each passenger in and out through border counters in just seconds.

InfoBorder comes with many progressive core modules and functionalities that are customizable and easy to use along with the most efficient customer service. InfoBorder possesses the capability to grow and adapt support from many companion products and external systems to improve operational management and business performance.

  • Core Modules
  • Companion Products
  • Border Control

    Addresses the needs of all the processes in both arrival and departure counters while monitoring and empowering the border security.

  • Visa/Permits

    Provides fast processing of passports and visa application, renewals and replacements.

  • Citizenship

    Offers end-to-end support thought many complex scenarios and serves as a packaged application for effective Citizenship Portfolio Management.

  • Controversial/Blacklist Screening

    Secure borders from all type of criminal and terrorist activities by facilitating advanced analysis of passenger data at both local and global levels.

  • Travel Documents

    interlinks with high security technologies to process passanger data assists issuing travel document that accelerate border processing

  • MIS Reports and Inquiries

    Generates timely and accurate MIS and Statisticak Reports by the system pertaning to each module.

Business Benefits

  • InfoScan - White Card Processing

    Uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) mechanism that simlifiles th process of high volume data entry to increase the productivity at

  • InfoETA - Electronic Travel Authorization

    Regulates the entries and exit od passengers, and strengthen the border security while bringing the visa moudle at the fingertips of the travelers.

  • Mobile Passport Reader

    Verifies the details of immigration cleared of onboard passengers both online and offline

  • Infi WMS - Workflow Mangement System

    Electronically check the real time status of the application and identifies any holdup present in the mapped processes

  • InfoHRM - Human Resources Mangement System

    Provides Quick access to HR information by combining many human resources function and ensures data confidently, updatability and easy.

Key Features

  • End-to-End passenger handling
  • Facilitates processing of Visas, Permits, Citizenship and Travel Document Applications
  • Pre-arrival risk analysis of passenger data
  • Facilitates onboard clearance of passengers
  • Assured border security by connecting to external databases at both national and international levels E.g.: Interpol, Local Defense Authorities
  • Biometric verification of travelers' identity
  • Control of MRZ content and e-passport chip content
  • Compatibility with barcode readers, contactless smart card readers, full-page readers (passport), fingerprints readers
  • Intuitive user interface with all modules that control every border operation
  • Advanced and detailed operational reporting facility
  • Comprehensive user administration facility


  • Improved process efficiency
  • Minimized passenger overcrowding
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Guaranteed border security
  • Consistent professional service and sustenance at 24 X 7

InfoBorder has stood by its assurance to provide an outstanding service in Border Control, by winning the best e-government award in the Asia Paci¬fic Region in FutureGov Summit and Best e-government solution in the National Best Quality Software Awards (NBQSA) 2012 for InfoETA- Electronic Travel Authorization.

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