Transformation of a great innovative idea into a profitable product is challenging. Newman offers a broad, cross-industry portfolio of services to meet specific industry or functional requirements. As a company with a long experience in the IT market, Newman has established close relationships with a number of foreign customers that turned to our company as their outsourcing partner looking for expertise not available among their staff. We offer services with high performance standards, broad skill sets and Global exposure to offer cost benefits and flexibility in team sizes to our clients, without compromising on Quality of deliverables and responsiveness, by employing a proven onsite- offshore delivery model.


Powered by Excellence:

Newman takes great care and pride in hiring, cultivating, and retaining exceptional IT talent and high- performance teams in all areas of expertise: project management, process management, requirements engineering, analysis and design, implementation, quality assurance, delivery, deployment and support.

Driven by Process:

Newman’s Enterprise Solutions Process maturity, PROCESS VALUE ADVANTAGE methodology, Single Point Accountability and Robust Project Management discipline ensure on-time, on-budget and high-quality Enterprise Solutions. Newman right-sizes and customizes its Enterprise Solutions Process for rapid and cost-effective Enterprise Solution delivery. Newman also brings exceptional focus to supporting and automating client business processes in Enterprise Solutions rather than merely focusing on features of individual applications.

Focused on Value:

While high-calibre talent and high-performance teams driven by disciplined processes help ensure its successful engagements, Newman recognizes that delivering high quality software on time is not necessarily enough in itself to realize business value for clients. Newman’s PROCESS VALUE ADVANTAGE methodology is focused on delivering business value to clients.