Paypac – Payroll Management

ZILLIONe PAYPAC –Payroll Management

Be it a simple Payroll requirement like revising your tax tables or a complex one like restructuring your organizations payroll, PAYPAC from ZILLIONe is the answer to all your payroll needs. PAYPAC is not only a comprehensive payroll system, its unique features help you efficiently manage your workforce like never before.

A user-friendly, menu driven windows based application with a rich Graphical User Interface has been developed to fit most of the leading computer operating systems. The systems are designed with special consideration to ease the navigation and to maximize the operator productivity. Moreover PAYPAC ensures a flow of smooth payments as well as a systematic document distribution with comprehensive reporting facilities. A range of in-house formatted reports, pay slips, cheques and credit transfers could be generated within a minimum time scale.

Some Unique Features of PAYPAC

  • User Friendly Interface
  • The new PAYPAC SQL V.3.0 provides an improved user friendly interface helping the user to navigate through the product with ease

  • Flexible methodology to group Employees
  • PAYPAC moves away from the traditional organizational hierarchy and facilitates customized employee classification. e.g. Designation, Group, Class, etc.

  • Fine-tune Formulas
  • Now you can define your own customized formulas and validate them, improving the efficiency of processing and ensuring accuracy of information with minimal user intervention.

  • Comprehensive loan management system
  • Option to define an unlimited number of loans and their interest calculations on any possible basis like amount, balance, instalment, etc… It also provides the facility to, record the capital repayment & the interest repayment separately. This feature also gives you the option of holding, adding or writing off existing loans which can be controlled by authorized personnel while calculating the balance to be settled automatically.

  • Online Personal Files
  • Allows users to generate employee related documents such as letters of recognition, disciplinary action etc. You could also attach all employee documents such as CV’s, copies of certificates, etc and maintain an online file in the same database.

  • Third party integration
  • The ability to import & export data / information to and from excel files increases the accuracy and minimize the probability for fraud.

Some Standard Features

  • Bulk data entry facility
  • Direct Data Migration from other Payroll solutions during implementation
  • Pay Schedule with own parameters including organizational hierarchy and employee categories
  • Processing – facilitates processing specific employees or groups
  • Facility to spot and correct errors while processing
  • Gratuity payable maintenance
  • Remittance to 3rd parties
  • Customizing reports
  • Customizing reports
  • Integrity check

Some of the reports available

  • Accounting Reports (Pay Slips, Coinage, Journal reports, etc.
  • Third party reports (Bank letters, Bank remittance)
  • Audit reports (Salary reconciliation, Master changes, Increment / Employee listings, Lump-sum Average, etc)
    Payroll reports (Reference reports inclusive of Income deduction codes, Employee Loan statistics and loan statements, Calculation reports, Monthly reports
  • Statutory Reports
  • EPF/ETF Reports (C Form, R Form)
  • PAYE reports (PAYE Tax. PAYE T9, T9A, T6, T10)
  • Management reports (Age Analysis, Individual pay records)
  • Additional reports (Contribution of pension fund/ provident fund, Provident Fund Loan details, Reports on staffing levels and Salary paid monthly)