Networking and Communications

Data Networking Solution is built on a basic premise - Internet Protocol (IP) is the most widely used standard on the planet. The technology is well understood, easy to implement and affordable. The IP network touches almost every part of an enterprise environment - most corporate data traffic uses a common IP network - providing a foundation platform for delivering services.

We offer our clients a broad range of high-quality networking and communications solutions that enable them to share information resources such as printers, files and, internet at minimum cost.

Routing & Switching

Switching and Routing is at the core of any networking requirement and plays an important role in productivity. We design and implement customized solutions that result in enhanced performance and scalability as the business grows. Our experts take a systems-level approach by embedding security into the network and integrating business-critical services, advise and help you optimize traffic performance, boost productivity, meet customer needs, and reduce operating costs.

IP telephony

Evolve your communications by allowing employees to hot desk anywhere in the office.Enable tele-working by allowing employees to take their extension with them wherever they go.

Lower call costs and globalize your business by making use of worldwide VoIP providers and bridging your offices for free inter-office calls.

Our Solution completely replaces a hardware PBX without the need for additional phone wiring. It supports popular SIP phones, VoIP providers, and traditional PSTN lines. The Solutionhas web-based management console makes it easy to configure, eliminating the need for expensive maintenance.

10 Advantages of Choosing Our solution

  • Easy to manage by an IT administrator
  • Costs less to buy and expand
  • Greater return on investment
  • Use existing hardware and make huge savings
  • More features by leveraging Windows technologies
  • Hardware & vendor independent – no vendor lock in
  • Better fault tolerance through easy backup of your PBX
  • Better integration with other business applications
  • Easily build voice applications that increase productivity

Wireless Solutions

Our range of Wireless LAN products includes the highest levels of security for SME and Enterprise solutions as well as regular residential and SoHo requirements. Newman's expertise in Wireless solutions extends into multiple point-to-point and Community Wireless projects.

Our range of Wireless LAN products is comprehensive and offers outstanding performance and value for money. The range covers a broad spectrum - from simple, low-cost Access Points for SoHo and Home users up to Enterprise solutions for the most demanding requirements.

Wireless Communication is the future, at Newman we aim to keep ahead of breaking technologies providing wireless network solutions for large and small businesses. The wireless revolution can make your business more flexible and efficient.

Security & Firewall

At Newman, we understand security and the increasing need for comprehensive security solutions. Businesses, whether they be small companies or large corporates, face similar problems in the pursuit of absolute network protection. With the increasing number of threats appearing, sometimes on a daily basis, this is becoming increasing difficult.Newman's comprehensive range of security appliances and software offer complete protection for small business users as well as enterprise and corporate users.

Our qualified and experienced engineers will provide you with tailor-made solutions to suit your requirements and protect your network and systems. Our solutions include:

  • Firewall Security
  • Antivirus
  • Internet Filtering
  • E-mail Security