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To meet the expectations of multiple stakeholders in a challenging environment, governance needs to be nimble and effective. ICT-enabled solutions for governments can help achieve this through process efficiencies, technology scalability, feature-rich business functionality, customized mapping with government functions at different levels of administration and analytics to enable planning and decision-making. Transparency and accountability can also be built into government process workflows with an outcome-based approach.

Newman together with our business partner Informatics International Limited has created numerous products designed to complement and enhance government organizations and processes respectively. Each product has been designed to automate and improve critical sectors within the government such as transport, business management and immigration and emigration. In addition Informatics International Limited has introduced products into the retail and human resource sectors.

We combine a thorough understanding of Government operations and processes and emerging technologies to develop solutions through strengths in legacy applications, custom built solutions and industry standard packages. These solutions are typically deployed across Government Authorities such as the Departments of Immigration and Emigration, Customs, Department of Motor Traffic, Local Governments and Defence. Each product can be utilized to improve the level of efficiency within any government entity. Software solutions such as InfoBorder have met global software standards for innovation and functionality.

Our E-Government solutions are capable of supporting core-government functionalities of any country with vastly different security and operational needs. Key to our success is our willingness and flexibility to work with the stakeholders to tailor our solution to meet the required specifications and functionality .

We use hybrid, tried and proven technologies to achieve project objectives while maintaining efficiencies and speeds in high volume environments. Performance levels are further heightened with the inclusion of next-generation technologies such as Optical Character Reading devices (OCR) to process documents and high volumes of text.