ESSP (Employee Self Service Portal)

ZILLIONe ESS – Employee Self Service Portal

The Employee Self Service portal can help your organization by reducing the number of requests and transactions that are raised by employees, which demands line managers and HR staff’s time and attention. ZILLIONe ESS automates those employee requests by serving them through defined work flows and empowers the employees to access, review and modify their employment information in a real time basis. ZILLIONe ESS thereby allows HR department to focus on strategic aspects of Human resource management, rather than spending too much time on operational activities, which can be easily handled by a computerized system.

This application can be customized to each organization and offers tremendous employee benefits by linking them to the line managers and HR department. The standard application covers day to day HR functions like leave management, applying for salary advances, approving Over Time requests, time adjustments related to employee attendance, etc..

Some key functionalities of the system

  • The system will take care of requests, authorizations and providing necessary information to the internal stakeholders of the organizations with regard to routine HR functionality.
  • Requests will be validated by the system against documented organizational policies.
  • Supports work flow based approvals.
  • Dispatch necessary email alerts and notifications.
  • Maintaining to do lists in terms of routine HR functionalities.
  • Employees can get necessary information like their leave balances, organizational policies, check the status of their requests, etc through the system. Managers who approve different requests can get important information like past leave records, overtime figures both budgeted and actual etc.
  • Managers can get information on operational decision making related to their staff. For example, before approving a leave, manager can see the past leave history of the employee, company leave policy and other employees who go on leave within the same period.