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Automotive tier and aftermarket suppliers live in world of constant change-if you can't keep up successfully, you risk falling behind permanently. Cutting edge Infor Automotive solutions help you change in ways that meet your needs and your schedule. When your systems make it easy to keep ahead of the breakneck speed of auto industry progress, you'll turn your ability to change into a strategic advantage.

InfoERP automotive ERP solution goes beyond traditional ERP to provide Inventory Management, Sales and Invoicing, Purchasing Management, Financial Management, Administration, Workshop Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and more. In addition, InfoERP gives power to perform statistical analysis over the business data, which will ultimately contribute to increase profits in all areas of the business. InfoERP is focused on continuous innovation and uses cutting-edge and flexible technologies like Oracle and Microsoft.Net, which contribute to the success in providing best possible solutions that will drive the business values in the automotive industry.


Fully integrated and scalable solution for multi-location businesses

Growing business values & responsive services


  • Enable efficient data management of inventory - including stock, storage, reorders and deliveries
  • Improve communication and synchronize workflow processes
  • Provide reliable and better decision support system
  • Improve alignment of strategies
  • Ensure data availability of all relevant information on regular basis


  • Maintain and improve operational efficiency and productivity within and beyond the business
  • Prevent data redundancies and the expense on data maintenance is reduced
  • Powerful reporting across the whole suite
  • Increase profitability, improve financial management and manage risks
  • Enhance all services for a quality driven customer experience


  • Stream lines operations gaining edge in Automobile business


  • Workshop automation in Automobile operation with Back-Office Financial management


  • Ultimate control over stock movement & JIT Stock Purchase


  • End-to-end modular suite for Automobile Dealers


  • MIS Reports for better decision making

Why InfoERP

  • Designed based on the best automotive practice in the world -'The 3S Approach", to provide a solid foundation to today's strong and rapidly changing automotive industry
  • Provides a robust, integrated application that includes service functionality for the entire business operation

Future Plans

  • Increase field service management capabilities
  • Continue the success in winning profitable business in new markets with InfoERP

The core of InfoERP

  • Inventory Control Reports
  • Purchasing Reports
  • Sales Reports
  • Customer Care Reports
  • Workshop Monitoring Reports
  • Administration Reports
  • Financial Reports


  • Spare Parts and Items Management
  • Service and Repair Management
  • Warranty Information Management
  • Staff Task Allocation


  • Warehouse Management
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Logistic Management

Inventory Control

  • General Ledger
  • Bank/Corporate Cash Management
  • Financial Analysis
  • Tax Management
  • Commission Calculation


  • Employee Management
  • User Management


  • Customer Details Management
  • Customer Care Services

Customer Management

  • Sales Planning and Enquiry
  • Pricing and Estimation
  • Invoice Management
  • Promotional Management

Sales and Invoicing

  • Supplier Management
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Order Cancellation